Advent Christmas Crackers

I have always wanted to make crackers. They look like the kind of activity that looks easy, but is actually really hard. Wrong! They are just really easy. I still didn’t have a clue until I came across this really easy tutorial at CartridgeSave

First of all, we needed some hats. The paper hats that come with crackers are usually miles too big for me, never mind a 2 and 4 year old. So we made coloured paper hats, and decorated them with cut up paper chains.




The tutorial says to use 2 loo rolls, but having my aversion to doing anything with loo rolls, I used the tube from my wrapping paper. Bonus was that I had massive tubes, so the kids have been hassling me to make 264 crackers this week.

We used brown wrapping paper, as it is quite strong, 20cm x 30cm. The kids then decorated one side of the paper with Christmas themed stamps, the ones that I have been hiding since September looking for a good enough reason to brave George with an ink pad.


I handled the joke section. If we left it up to these two, they would have had the worlds dullest knock knock jokes that make no sense. Actually, mine weren’t much better.

The assembling of the cracker was really easy, just don’t forget to score, as per the instructions. We didn’t use the snaps, as these two are scared of their own shadows!


And we finished off with some ribbon. The kids likes the ribbon, I preferred no ribbon. But I’ll let you decide which is better…