Indoor Tennis

The kids are quite competitive, and like playing games. I made them some bats using a couple of paper plates and lolly sticks. They actually decorated these later, but they just wanted to get started! We used a balloon for our ball (to save my ornaments!) and I stretched a sheet over some chairs as a net!






Spider Webs

We have been having fun making spider webs with masking tape. Stretch some masking tape across the door frame, and make some paper spiders! We just used some balled up paper, but the kids had fun throwing the “spiders” and trying to get them to stick! And when you are finished, the masking tape peels off easily. The would be perfect as a Halloween game too!





George also discovered that toy cars do not make good spiders, they just rip the web when you throw them with brute force!

My Dream Bedroom

Hannah’s room is in desperate need of a makeover. We never found out whether we were having a boy or a girl, so her room was decorated in a lovely neutral yellow with jungle animals. Which is great until you turn 4, and all your mates have got pink bedrooms. I thought this didn’t start for another 10 years? Some warning might have been nice!

So making a start, I stripped her bedroom out. And brought in the heavy duty carpet cleaner. And that was about as far as I got. Luckily, Love Chic Living and Mammasaurus were running a competition with Debenhams to find peoples dream bedrooms. This is way more fun than trawling DIY shops with two kids in tow, shopping online!


I have gone for a red and white theme. So girly, grown up, but classy. A bedroom she can grow in to. And one I want for myself!




1 – White Hampstead Double Wardrobe £684
2 – White ‘Stayover’ single bedframe with guest bed £378
3 – White Hampstead 4 Drawer Chest £486
4 – White Hampstead One Drawer Bedside Table £216
5 – John Rocha Pax White Bed Linen £40
6 – Red Cotton Square Cushion £5.95
7 – Red Fleece Throw £10
8 – Hollywood cerise Ophelia flock wallpaper £60
9 – Pack of two Zany Aluminium Red Table Lamps £27.20
10 – Red Fabric Lounger £201.60
11 – Red ‘Wasabi’ fully lined curtains with pencil heading £32.64

Phew! And that comes to a grand total of £2141.39

Oh wow, the budget was £5k, does this mean I get to design George a new room too?

My Dream Family Garden

I love our garden, I really do. But it’s rather boring and bland. So I asked the boss of the house, the four year old, what her perfect garden would be like.

“It would have lots of pretty flowers, big ones, red ones, purple ones. I would have a slide that was so big, it would touch the sky. I would have lots of toys to play with, and all my friends could come around and have fun.”

Good, good, yep, can do all of that.

“And I want a rollercoaster”

Darn it.



First of all, we would need to pretty the garden up a bit. We have dug out borders down the edges, and even managed to grow strawberries this year. But our attempt at carrots and potatoes were not so fruitful. Or vegetableful. So we would love to plant some pretty flowers in the borders. I am clueless when it comes to things like this, so am likely to just turn up at the garden centre, and take whatever they offer. And then eat cake. We also need to re-stain the fences, as they are looking grubby. Not that the kids care about that.


So…toys! Toys are what maketh the garden. First on her list is a slide that goes up to the sky. This slide from Activity Toys Direct is perfect, and Hannah particularly liked the picture showing lots of friends queuing patiently for their turn. Which does not happen in our garden, but she can dream.


Next, she chose this choo choo train from Activity Toys Direct. This is really fantastic, I love that the kids can all play together, and not have to fight over toys. It’s big and colourful, just like garden toys should be. And as an added bonus, I would get a bit of extra exercise pulling them all round the garden all day!


After all that playing, her friends would need lunch. We normally put a picnic blanket down, but this picnic play table from Activity Toys Direct is just perfect. It’s compact and sturdy, and just the right size for littlies to eat the sandwiches. You can buy an umbrella to go with this, perfect for the sunny summer days, if we ever see them again. The lid also comes off, and reveals a sand/water play station. This really is a multi purpose toy.


And last, but by no means least. I have found a rollercoaster. Mums have this skill of finding the unfindable, doing the impossible. Yes, a rollercoaster for my suburban back garden. How amazing is this roller coaster from Activity Toys Direct? I wonder if they do them in adult sizes? I’d be tempted to have a go of it myself, but I did once get stuck in a Cosy Coupe. Or we could buy two, and have rollercoaster races.


This is our dream garden, what about yours?

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition


After Christmas, Halloween is my favourite time of the year! We don’t go trick or treating, but we do like a fancy dress party, and carving pumpkins.


So, these were our invites. I didn’t have any orange card, so I painted some white card. Then dipped the kids hands in paint to make our spiders. Googly eyes made our spiders complete. On the reverse, I wrote all the party info.


Every good party needs some decorations. We made colourful spiders webs by just using coloured paper, and making snowflakes. They were spooky enough to pass for webs!


I have a million and twenty six paper plates, so we used some to decorate the picture frame. Ghosts, bats, spiders, pumpkins. The possibilities are endless.


Then we had pumpkins. This is the first of our two, Mr Pumpkin Head. Really easy, as it didn’t need any carving. Just bits from Mr Potato Head.


And then my favourite, Cinderellas carriage. I marked it all out, and got the other half to do the carving. I am not to be trusted with sharp tools. We used cocktail sticks and tangerines to make the wheels, and sprayed it with a gold food spray. But as soon as we picked it up, the spray just slid off.


Party food! These were the easiest things to make, sandwiches cut out with some Halloween biscuit cutters. I used cheese for a filling, but am going to do bats blood (jam) next time.


Worms in dirt. This was jelly, and then chocolate Angel Delight, with some jelly worms added in. I have to say, I was the only one impressed with these. The kids all turned their noses up at them.


This was a bit of a fail, but one I do every year! Fill a rubber glove with drink, and freeze. The trick is to run under a tap before opening the frozen hand, and be very, very careful. Obviously I wasn’t, and we lost two fingers. Sob.


But this was my show stopper. Same thing, but melted white chocolate. Looked amazing on the table, but nobody wanted to eat it. Spent the next week melting it back down for white chocolate Krispie cakes. Which nobody ate.


My paper mâché bowl. Took a lot effort, and a lot of time. And I couldn’t even put foodstuffs straight in to it. But you have to have a paper mâché concoction somewhere, right?


And the full table!

Post Box

I post a fair amount of letters, and the kids love helping me post them. Woe betide me only having one item to post though, too much stress!


So we made our own postbox from a shoe box. The box itself was too shiny, and had writing all over it. So I covered it with plain white stickers, and then coloured the stickers in red. I cut a posting slot in the front, and made sure the lid could come off easily.


Next, we needed something to post, so we took some postcards, and Hannah helped me address them. Great writing practise! Hours of fun posting the postcards, and they both get a turn!