After Christmas, Halloween is my favourite time of the year! We don’t go trick or treating, but we do like a fancy dress party, and carving pumpkins.


So, these were our invites. I didn’t have any orange card, so I painted some white card. Then dipped the kids hands in paint to make our spiders. Googly eyes made our spiders complete. On the reverse, I wrote all the party info.


Every good party needs some decorations. We made colourful spiders webs by just using coloured paper, and making snowflakes. They were spooky enough to pass for webs!


I have a million and twenty six paper plates, so we used some to decorate the picture frame. Ghosts, bats, spiders, pumpkins. The possibilities are endless.


Then we had pumpkins. This is the first of our two, Mr Pumpkin Head. Really easy, as it didn’t need any carving. Just bits from Mr Potato Head.


And then my favourite, Cinderellas carriage. I marked it all out, and got the other half to do the carving. I am not to be trusted with sharp tools. We used cocktail sticks and tangerines to make the wheels, and sprayed it with a gold food spray. But as soon as we picked it up, the spray just slid off.


Party food! These were the easiest things to make, sandwiches cut out with some Halloween biscuit cutters. I used cheese for a filling, but am going to do bats blood (jam) next time.


Worms in dirt. This was jelly, and then chocolate Angel Delight, with some jelly worms added in. I have to say, I was the only one impressed with these. The kids all turned their noses up at them.


This was a bit of a fail, but one I do every year! Fill a rubber glove with drink, and freeze. The trick is to run under a tap before opening the frozen hand, and be very, very careful. Obviously I wasn’t, and we lost two fingers. Sob.


But this was my show stopper. Same thing, but melted white chocolate. Looked amazing on the table, but nobody wanted to eat it. Spent the next week melting it back down for white chocolate Krispie cakes. Which nobody ate.


My paper mâché bowl. Took a lot effort, and a lot of time. And I couldn’t even put foodstuffs straight in to it. But you have to have a paper mâché concoction somewhere, right?


And the full table!


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