Post Box

I post a fair amount of letters, and the kids love helping me post them. Woe betide me only having one item to post though, too much stress!


So we made our own postbox from a shoe box. The box itself was too shiny, and had writing all over it. So I covered it with plain white stickers, and then coloured the stickers in red. I cut a posting slot in the front, and made sure the lid could come off easily.


Next, we needed something to post, so we took some postcards, and Hannah helped me address them. Great writing practise! Hours of fun posting the postcards, and they both get a turn!




Big Night In

Little stuff has teamed up with brand new bingo review portal Two Little Fleas, and challenged bloggers to come up with their perfect Big Night In. Two Little Fleas

Now, with no family to babysit for us, every night with two toddlers is a big night in. Well, it’s a night in. So I took some time to imagine the perfect night in.

Casting my mind back to pre kids, we had some lovely adventures. Sailing to New York on the QM2 to was something I shall realistically not get to repeat until the kids are at least 18. But oh, how I miss getting dressed up. And my husband scrubs up well in a tuxedo. But we won’t mention his seasickness, nor the injection in his bum.

Re-creating our QM2 night, firstly, we need to look the part. I just love this red coast dress for £176. I can just imagine swishing around the dance floor in this. We actually took dance lessons, but the average age on the QM2 was 55, and at 26, we were too nervous to dance in front of the amazing dancers. But as this is MY big night in, I can push the sofas back, and twirl around the living room to my hearts content. John Lewis Dress £176


And my husband would look lovely in this John Lewis Suit Jacket for £130


Dress on, I need some make up and perfume. I normally smell of eau de baby wipes and crusts, and make up consists of felt tip pen and glitter glue. I haven’t bought new perfume since 2008, so fingers crossed my random perfume choice smells better than baby puke. Calvin Klein Downtown smells nice at £60


This Benefit Make Up Set should help me go from Mam to Glam instantly. £26.50


All dressed up, we would have mocktails in the bar, whilst attempting the pub quiz. And after coming last each and every night, I am going to skip the quiz and just do mocktails.

Every mocktail party needs a cocktail shaker £15 and pretty glasses, £35


My favourite drink is a Shirley Temple, which is just lemon/limeade with a dash of grenadine. Or an ugly virgin, orange juice, pineapple juice and lemonade. And the best bit is not having to share it with the kids!

Now for the fun to begin. The ships casino! I am a dab hand at roulette. I know anyone can put a chip on a number, but I have a special knack for it. And I am actually a good Blackjack player. You wouldn’t think it to look at me, and I can’t add up for toffee. But it’s all about reading the dealers hand, and thinking at statistically, what card will come out next.

So I need a new challenge. This Texas Hold’Em Poker Set is only £25 and includes everything I need to learn this game.


After an exhausting night of dancing and playing casino, all I want to do is get in to my pyjamas and fluffy white robe. The QM2 had the most exquisite robes, and I really coveted my own.

This robe is £79, and the matching ladies robe is the same price



And the best bit about my big night in? When I wake, my kids will be with me this time!