Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I have no idea where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Obsession came from! We don’t have the TV channel it’s on, and I always thought it was aimed at older kids. But Hannah really loves pretending to be Raph, and making George be Donny. Apparently, they all have cool new names, what is wrong with Raphael and Donatello I ask?

We decided to make our own TNMT costumes.

We started with a couple of cereal boxes, and cut some oval shapes out. I used the sides of the boxes, and cut some straps off too.



I painted one oval green, and the other yellow.


I had a lightbulb moment when it came to the bumpiness of the shell! A use at last for the hundred milk lids I have been collecting! Fabulous!


Here are Raph and Donny…



Our local 99p store had these little 99 TNMT gems –




Hannah was absolutely thrilled with them, and got to work straight away, drawing a picture of the four turtles. At 99p, I am going to stock up on these sets!




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