Travel Boxes

We recently went to a theme park an hour and a half away. The kids generally last about 40 minutes before moaning/fighting/opening and closing the window a million times. So I prepared them a travel box each for our journey.

I happened to receive 2 of these boxes through the post from Kellogg’s Special K. (Their free cereal bars were yum too)


But firstly, they looked a bit scruffy after I ripped the address labels off, and secondly they were a bit of a slippery surface. I was packing some of the busy bags that had felt pieces in them, so I stuck an A4 piece of felt to the top. It looked prettier, and gave them a surface to lay the felt on, or in George’s case, brum his cars on.


I had won some lovely magazines from CBeebies, so they had a magazine each. They love flicking through, and they all come with stickers. I am sat in the front so can’t actually go through the magazine with them, but they enjoyed them anyway. I also had Mickey Mouse sticker books. Do you see a theme with stickers? Some plain paper, and crayons/pencils. Some busy bags that I had previously made up. Snack were things not too sticky or messy. So raisins, sweety type things and biscuits. Actually, they were probably sticky and messy. But not chocolately. Ha. And then a new toy each. Hannah’s was a Barbie doll, and George’s was a digger. And a few extra cars for George, as he is less likely to entertain himself drawing.



Verdict – Hannah loved her special box as she called it, and George didn’t murmur the whole way there or back! Going to keep hold of the boxes, and just change them slightly next time.




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