Dolls Bunk Beds

So Hannah really wanted a bed for her dolls. And I thought I’d go one better and make her some bunk beds.they were really easy to make, apart from the fact I broke my scissors cutting the box open!

So I started with a fairly decent sized box –


I cut the top third off, and turned it upside down. And then cut out access areas on the bigger third –


I then taped it all together, and taped the flaps down. This looked a bit ugly, so I taped some white A4 paper over the flaps as bed sheets –


Then I needed some bedding, so I cut out two small and two large rectangles from a scrap of material – pillows and quilts. Putting it all together, I proudly presented my bunk beds to Hannah!


But Mum, it hasn’t got a ladder! Trust her to notice the detail! So I taped some lolly sticks as a ladder, and eventually (!) she was thrilled!



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