Dolls House

I made a dolls house last year when George was a baby, and it didn’t last too long. And Hannah was miffed that it didn’t have a bathroom. So, here is take 2.

I cut the front from a cardboard box, and used that to make a shelf. I also folded the top to look like a roof shape.



I sourced lots of sample bits of wallpaper from a DIY store, choosing matching samples to use as flooring too. The hardest part was decorating the rooms, it is harder than decorating actual walls! I also found this lovely brick wallpaper which I decorated the outside of the box with.



The DIY store had kitchen and bathroom brochures, so Hannah had lots of fun choosing our new kitchen and bathroom designs.




And here is our finished house!



Home Cinema

This summer has been (mostly) sunny, but sometimes it’s too hot to be outside. So, to break up the day, we had a cinema afternoon. I let the kids chose the film, and they chose Monsters Inc. I was just relieved that it wasn’t Cars for the millionth time. We drew the curtains, and pulled the sofa around in front of the tv.

Refreshments – we were helped out by 99p stores, and this is what we bought.


These brilliant carton drinks were 6 for 99p, and fitted in perfectly with our Disney theme.



The Disney tins were 99p each, and we filled them with make at home popcorn (also 99p). The kids liked this bit almost as much as the film itself!


And a trip to the cinema isn’t complete without pick and mix, and these were also only 99p each. There was a lot more sweets in these tubs, but I let them hold them on the drive home from the 99p store, and some accidentally got eaten.


And the verdict?


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I have no idea where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Obsession came from! We don’t have the TV channel it’s on, and I always thought it was aimed at older kids. But Hannah really loves pretending to be Raph, and making George be Donny. Apparently, they all have cool new names, what is wrong with Raphael and Donatello I ask?

We decided to make our own TNMT costumes.

We started with a couple of cereal boxes, and cut some oval shapes out. I used the sides of the boxes, and cut some straps off too.



I painted one oval green, and the other yellow.


I had a lightbulb moment when it came to the bumpiness of the shell! A use at last for the hundred milk lids I have been collecting! Fabulous!


Here are Raph and Donny…



Our local 99p store had these little 99 TNMT gems –




Hannah was absolutely thrilled with them, and got to work straight away, drawing a picture of the four turtles. At 99p, I am going to stock up on these sets!



Travel Boxes

We recently went to a theme park an hour and a half away. The kids generally last about 40 minutes before moaning/fighting/opening and closing the window a million times. So I prepared them a travel box each for our journey.

I happened to receive 2 of these boxes through the post from Kellogg’s Special K. (Their free cereal bars were yum too)


But firstly, they looked a bit scruffy after I ripped the address labels off, and secondly they were a bit of a slippery surface. I was packing some of the busy bags that had felt pieces in them, so I stuck an A4 piece of felt to the top. It looked prettier, and gave them a surface to lay the felt on, or in George’s case, brum his cars on.


I had won some lovely magazines from CBeebies, so they had a magazine each. They love flicking through, and they all come with stickers. I am sat in the front so can’t actually go through the magazine with them, but they enjoyed them anyway. I also had Mickey Mouse sticker books. Do you see a theme with stickers? Some plain paper, and crayons/pencils. Some busy bags that I had previously made up. Snack were things not too sticky or messy. So raisins, sweety type things and biscuits. Actually, they were probably sticky and messy. But not chocolately. Ha. And then a new toy each. Hannah’s was a Barbie doll, and George’s was a digger. And a few extra cars for George, as he is less likely to entertain himself drawing.



Verdict – Hannah loved her special box as she called it, and George didn’t murmur the whole way there or back! Going to keep hold of the boxes, and just change them slightly next time.



Dolls Bunk Beds

So Hannah really wanted a bed for her dolls. And I thought I’d go one better and make her some bunk beds.they were really easy to make, apart from the fact I broke my scissors cutting the box open!

So I started with a fairly decent sized box –


I cut the top third off, and turned it upside down. And then cut out access areas on the bigger third –


I then taped it all together, and taped the flaps down. This looked a bit ugly, so I taped some white A4 paper over the flaps as bed sheets –


Then I needed some bedding, so I cut out two small and two large rectangles from a scrap of material – pillows and quilts. Putting it all together, I proudly presented my bunk beds to Hannah!


But Mum, it hasn’t got a ladder! Trust her to notice the detail! So I taped some lolly sticks as a ladder, and eventually (!) she was thrilled!