Making T Shirts

I recently acquired some fabric crayons that I wanted to test out. But I didn’t want to spend a fortune on t shirts, if they were going to end up ruined! So imagine my surprise to find these beauties in 99p Stores!


99p for a plain white t shirt! And they are the type that wash really well. And I am aware that makes me sound like my Mum.

I gave the kids free reign with the crayons, and as usual, George drew fireworks. It doesn’t matter that he is too little to draw properly, he just loves any kind of mark making. To help him along though, I drew around his hands and feet, as a lovely permanent reminder of how small he is/was.





Hannah drew people as usual. Grandma, Grandad, Nanny, herself and George. I am not thrilled to be left off her list.




After they had designed their masterpieces, I ironed them, and washed again. They came out perfectly!

Here are the finished articles –



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