Cereal Box Garage

I sometimes think my kids are out to get me. If it’s not Lego pieces, it’s small vehicles. Cars, trucks, diggers, nee naw cars. They have an amazing knack of being invisible to the naked eye, so that the kids guffaw when you do a comedy slip on one.

No more! I gathered them all together, and made a cereal box garage. Complete with not so straight parking bays and ramps. Now, what I really covet (yes, me) is a wooden garage from Wooden Toy Shop. This one in particular – http://www.woodentoyshop.co.uk/le-toy-van-le-grand-garage.html but for now, this kept both kids amused!

So this is the collection I needed to house


I started with two cereal boxes (other cereals are available), and two kitchen roll tubes.


I cut out one side of the box and painted it black. Then cut the kitchen roll tubes in half, and painted them yellow. The cereal boxes needed two coats of paint, as they are surprisingly shiny. Using the other cereal box, I cut two strips for the ramps and painted them black too. The parking bays were just white stickers cut in to strips.



Ta da, more cars off the road, and less chance of me breaking my neck!



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