Outdoor Play

The weather is just glorious at the moment, so we have been having lots of fun outdoors!

The kids loved my friends sprinkler, so we made our own. I rigged the hose in to a 2l bottle, and stabbed little holes in. I had to use lots of tape to keep it on, but it was a hoot! My teenage niece and nephew were here too, and they had more fun that the littlies running through it!


The car wash is always good for at least half an hours peace! I give them a bowl of soapy water, a couple of sponges, and they clean the cosy coupe.


My two are fascinated by ice. So in the water table, I threw a load of ice. They loved how quickly it melted in the heat. I also froze a couple of little toys on bowls of water. It was great watching them try and dig them out, bashing the ice, and warming the ice up to melt.


I am not the most artistic person, but I bet if I was, I would make these boats in to mini versions of the QM2. As it was, they were turned in to submarines, so it didn’t matter that they were just a couple of margarine tubs, 2 lolly sticks, and home made flags. But we liked turning them in to passenger ships, seeing how much cargo they could carry before becoming the Titanic.


We have not long painted the garden fence, so it’s still pretty waterproof. The kids were desperate to help, but I have heard tell that green creosote is hard to get off 2 year olds faces. So they painted the fence with water and a fence brush. I only had one fence brush, so they alternated between that and a tiny paintbrush. Next week, cutting the lawn with nail clippers.


Chalk on the pavement. Needs no introductions, just wait for the rain to help clean it up.


This one was not my brightest idea. Roll of paper, bare feet children and tubs of paint. I thought I could make a lovely footprint mural for the wall. What I ended up with was a slight breeze whipping the paper in to a frenzy, pink paint on my sandals and jeans, and having to carry a 3 year old to the kitchen sink. Next time, weight the paper down properly.



I over complicated this one too. Take one empty 500ml bottle, cut the end off,and secure (clean) sock over it with an elastic band. What I should have done was just dip in bubble solution, and blow. Ta-da the most amazing bubbles. What I actually did was drop food colouring on the sock to make fancy coloured bubbles. Fail. The bubbles barely changed colour, and the colouring dripped all over my toe. I still have 3 blue toenails a week later. Tip – leave the colouring out.




There’s nothing I like more than reusing stuff. I have a corner of the kitchen dedicated to egg boxes and tin foil scraps, waiting for inspiration. I used a couple of 2l milk containers, with the bottoms cut off, and an empty washing up liquid bowl. 2/3 year olds love nothing more than tipping water from or container to another, then back again. And on and on…


I have saved the most fun activity for last. WATER BALLOONS! Tricky little beggars to fill, and you only get about 3 minutes of fun. But watching them shriek as they try and soak you is the best fun ever.





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