T Shirt Capes

We don’t actually watch any tv programmes about superheroes (does Tommy Zoom count?) so I was surprised when the kids started role playing superheroes. I came across an idea to make these really easy capes, so I snaffled a couple of the husbands old(ish) t shirts.



I cut the whole of the back off, and also around the neckline. George is still only a littlie, so I decided to cut open the neck line and Velcro back together for safety reasons. This is actually really easy to do, I got stick on Velcro from Asda, and just cut a small piece off.



The genius part is to cut off the sleeve to make a matching mask. Neither of my two liked having something over their faces, so I used the other sleeves and made matching bandana hats.


I asked Hannah what symbol she wanted on the back, praying that she didn’t ask for something complicated like Batman! Luckily, it was an easy letter. I cut one out of each, and wonderwebbed it to the back.


I am keeping this one up my sleeve for a really easy last minute fancy dress idea!


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