Toddler Tamer

I am a big fan of pinterest crazes, and this is my latest one. I don’t even know what it is called, but it’s very pretty! I am going to call it the Toddler Tamer, but it probably has a better name in real life.

So the idea behind it is to give to a toddler on time out. For instance, my two will sit on the bottom stair. You hand them the pretty toddler tamer, and they stay in time out until the glitter settles. The more they throw themselves around, the more it shakes up. So they have to sit still. Plus, it’s actually quite mesmerising to watch. I am 33 and like to give it a shake for my own amusement!


I added a tablespoon of glitter glue to some warm water, and stirred until it melted. The glitter was tiny, so I chucked in some bigger glitter too. And then added some food colouring. The photo doesn’t do it justice though!


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