Decorating Cakes

Baking cakes is dull. I don’t let them do anything apart from stir, and maybe lick the bowl. But decorating shop bought fairy cakes is fun! 12 chocolate cakes and some frosting courtesy of Betty Crocker. I had lots of sprinkles, butterflies and fiddly things that no self respecting adult would use. Perfect. And I just left them to it.




The result – Hannahs carefully decorated cakes, Georges erm, creations, and a floor full of sprinkles that I am still finding days after.




Box Town

I do love a big cardboard box. And when the kids got a new playhouse, I got a new toy too.


Hannah decided she wanted to start with a beach. And then she directed me as to which buildings we had. George chose an airport, and a McDonalds. It was hard work getting them to stay out of the box whilst I drew in it, so I set them to work with an empty box and black tissue paper. Hey presto, a multi storey car park!


Each child has a house, and we added things like fire station and police. I wrote the names of these instead of drawing the pictures, as Hannah is loving spelling words out.


We added in some toys/cars/fish, and it really brought our town to life!

Toddler Tamer

I am a big fan of pinterest crazes, and this is my latest one. I don’t even know what it is called, but it’s very pretty! I am going to call it the Toddler Tamer, but it probably has a better name in real life.

So the idea behind it is to give to a toddler on time out. For instance, my two will sit on the bottom stair. You hand them the pretty toddler tamer, and they stay in time out until the glitter settles. The more they throw themselves around, the more it shakes up. So they have to sit still. Plus, it’s actually quite mesmerising to watch. I am 33 and like to give it a shake for my own amusement!


I added a tablespoon of glitter glue to some warm water, and stirred until it melted. The glitter was tiny, so I chucked in some bigger glitter too. And then added some food colouring. The photo doesn’t do it justice though!

Water Play

I think this post just shows that you don’t need expensive equipment sometimes. My two are just happy with the washing up bowl, some soapy water and some cups! They did end up having a water fight, so put plenty of towels down!


Musical Shapes

There actually isn’t any music to this game, but I thought it quite similar to musical chairs/statues/bumps etc.

George isn’t really interested in learning shapes or colours, he just likes living life at a George pace. That pace includes jumping around like a mad boy, so with a bit of help, this was right up his street.

Hannah helped me draw some basic shapes on some paper.


We put them on the floor, and I would call out “stand on a yellow shape” or “stand on a triangle” or more specific “hop on a green triangle”

This game is perfect for putting your feet up with a cup of coffee, whilst the kids jump around the living room floor.