Busy Bags

People often comment on how well behaved my children are at places like restaurants. It’s usually because I have a busy bag or two with me, to keep them entertained during the long wait for their food. They are a godsend on rainy days too, when I am all out of ideas.



The first one is 5 Megabloks. You could use wooden blocks or Lego really, anything that you can build with. I drew 6 different designs, and they can either recreate the picture, or use it like a template, laying the blocks on the card. As they get older, I can make the designs harder, or add more/different blocks.


Next up is sheets of stickers. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s basically a couple of sheets of plain white stickers and some felt tips. We can design our own badges, name tags, or even try and convince them to play Wac-A-Day.


Next up is George’s favourite, the felt butterflies. As long as there are two of everything, he is happy. I tend to make one side, and he likes to match it. Hannah refers free reign and likes mixing and matching the shapes and colours.


Along a similar theme is our ice cream cone shop. A couple of brown felt triangles, and lots of different coloured circles. We even have some cherries on the top and some Flakes.


I have recently taken up sewing, and they are desperate to join in! So I punched some holes in foam circles, and they each sew with a shoelace. I always knew that having new spare shoelaces in my junk drawer would come in handy!


These didn’t turn out as neat as I wanted, as my Stanley knife wasn’t very sharp. But these two love anything Disney related and don’t care. So it’s just a load of popsicle sticks with a picture on, and then sliced in to a jigsaw. Perfect for the millions of popsicle sticks that come in craft packs that I have no idea what to do with!


La Redoute posted a sale brochure through my door, so I spotted an opportunity to make this. Cut out a few full sized models, and loads of clothes to fit. Hannah likes creating the different outfits, George not so much. I am waiting for another kind company to post me more junk so I can create another one.


Two of my favourite things are pegs and paper plates. I was going to make a clock, but the pegs ad to get involved. So she counts the dots, and pegs the approprate peg to it’s section. George can’t count, so he just likes pegging the pegs to his face. We will probably see him on Britain’s Got Talent in 20 years.


More pegs and a trip to B & Q for some paint charts. They both enjoy matching the pegs to the correct colour.


Another of the boys favourites, and one I always notice people giving a closer look to when he has a road over the restaurant table. I cut some black card strips, 5cm wide, and stuck little white markings on. I would have used Tippex if I had it too. The cars in the busy bag get rotated, as he is the proud owner of about 350 small cars. I plan to add roundabouts and T junctions one day, but as I don’t drive, I don’t actually know the technicalities of these, so I will probably never get round to it!


My personal favourite, the felt make your own pizza bag. We have sauce, cheese, pickles, ham and chicken, and I like to place my order with Chef Hannah. I actually made the one in the picture, she would never get a job in Pizza Hut with her creations!


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