Aquarium Baggie

Mummy, can I have a dog?
Mummy, can I have a rabbit?
Mummy, can I have a pig?

I don’t do pets, but Hannah is always banging on about them. So I thought I would make her an Aquarium Baggie. I actually think she likes this more than a real animal. I would go as far to say that she loves these fish more than me!

So I started with water beads. These tiny little dots from ebay are only 99p. Leave overnight in a jug of water and they transform in to these wonderful squidgy balls. I added some blue food dye to some cheap 15p hair gel, and together I had my watery background. Dropping in a few fish made it complete.

Now George just loves water beads on their own, so his aquarium doesn’t have any hair gel. Plus, I don’t quite trust him not to open the bag and dump poor Bubbles and Finny on my carpet. Water beads on carpet I can cope with, but not bright blue hair gel!



We love our fish, and I love that I can leave them for a fortnight to go on holiday! And I challenge the adults not to be squidging these bags themselves!


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